Thursday, March 17, 2011

THIS is daytime drama!

It always cracks me up this time of year when the NCAA Tournaments take over daytime television for a whole two days. A WHOLE TWO DAYS. Every year, CBS has to scroll across the bottom of the screen that the normal daytime soap operas won’t be airing, much to the chagrin of millions of soap opera junkies.

But CBS has it all wrong.

The NCAA Tournaments ARE daytime drama—the best kind imaginable! I mean seriously, if this was the kind of daytime drama that was on 365 days of the year, think of how many more stay-at-home dads there would be!

Instead of home-wreckers, there are bracket-busters. Instead of people cheating on their spouses or significant others, there’s millions of employees cheating their bosses out of time worked by watching the games while they should be working. Instead of extra-marital affairs and catfights, there are coaches playing against their former schools or alma maters or mentors. There is cliffhanger after cliffhanger as fans sit on the edge of their seats to see how their brackets and favorite teams will play out.

Will Oakland beat Texas? Can Duke successfully defend its national championship? Can Belmont be this year’s Cinderella? Will Kansas’ Bill Self have to face his former team (Illinois) in the second round? How will two completely different styles of play with Kentucky versus Princeton unravel? Which high-seed will be upset first? Can a guy named “Jimmer” single-handedly lead BYU to the Final Four?

Forget the Bold and the Beautiful. This is daytime drama at its finest!

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