Monday, January 25, 2010

Think You’ve Seen The Last of Brett Favre? Think Again.

So Brett Favre says his return next season is “highly unlikely.” Yeah right. If you think for one second that Favre is going to let the lasting image of his legacy be an interception that may have cost his team a trip to the Super Bowl, think again. No matter how much you dislike the constant waffling back and forth about retirement, no matter how much you want him to go away, it’s not happening. Consider the following: Favre threw for 4200 yards this season--the third highest total of his career. He threw 33 touchdowns--his highest total since 1997. The 7 interceptions he threw were the lowest total of his career. He had the second highest number of completions of his career with 363, and his highest completion percentage of his entire career (68.4%). All at age 40.

Do Vikings fans want him back? I guess the logical answer to that question would be “Is there anyone better?” Sports teams all have windows of opportunity that only stay open for so long. It seems like the Vikings window of opportunity is right now and Vikings fans understand that. An unscientific survey on the St. Paul Pioneer Press website shows a majority of Vikings fans DO want Favre to return. He clearly has the respect and confidence of his teammates, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else leading the team better next year than #4 did this year; although there are already rumors the team will pursue Eagles QB Donovan McNabb as his replacement.

Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian was questioned about Favre's status. He replied, “It’s still early. Way too early. Brett is liable to change his mind five, 10 times down the road.” Favre owes it to this franchise to make a decision early and stick to it. But this is Brett Favre we’re talking about, and no matter how many times he says he’s retiring in the next few months, don’t believe him. He’s coming back.

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