Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Sports Watch

This weekend we will find out:

1. Which Hawkeye will make the biggest difference? Will it be Nate Kaeding for the Chargers, or Shonn Greene for the Jets? Both former Hawkeyes could be difference makers for their respective teams as they face each other for the right to advance to the AFC title game. Prediction: This one will be all Nate Kaeding and the San Diego Chargers. Kaeding won't have to worry about his post-season jinx as the Chargers roll.

2. If the Colts management are genius' or idiots--The decision to bench starters the last couple weeks of the regular season with an undefeated season on the line has drawn the criticism of just about everyone. We'll find out this weekend if it was the right decision. Prediction: Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QB's of all time. But even the best parts get rusty if you don't keep them well oiled. The Colts starters haven't played meaningfull minutes in nearly a month. Rusty Colts vs. Runnin' Ravens equals Baltimore victory.

3. What's better? "Home Field Advantage" or "Hottest Team in The League"? I can't wait for this one. The Minnesota Vikings--with the advantage of one of the noisiest stadiums in the league, Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre at the healm, the leagues best RB in Adrian Peterson, and the leagues most exciting defensive player in Jared Allen--take on the hottest team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have won three straight, including a win over then-unbeaten New Orleans. The defense has posted two straight shutouts, and Tony Romo looks like he's finally figured out that there's more to life than Jessica Simpson. Prediction: The dome will be rockin, and the Brett Favre acquisition will prove to be the biggest move in pro sports this year as the Vikings advance to the NFC title game.

4. Will this be Kurt Warner's last game? Rumors abound that Warner will retire after this season. Question is, will the end of the Cardinals' season be this weekend, or later? If you enjoyed last weekends offensive explosion between Arizona and Green Bay, then just wait until this matchup between Arizona and the NFL's league-leading offense of the New Orleans Saints. Prediction: Warners career continues for another week. Just like the Colts, the Saints are rusty. The Cardinals will return to the NFC title game against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis next weekend.

5. Will ISU's recovery continue? The Cyclone men have lost 16 straight Big 12 road games. Tonights contest at Nebraska HAS to result in the end of that streak if the Cyclones want any chance at a tournament bid. Prediction: The Huskers are 12-5, are deep, but don't have any superstars. The one common opponent the two teams have played this year is St. Louis. The Cyclones beat St. Louis 65-54. The Huskers lost to them, 69-55. Look for a solid Cyclone victory tonight as the recovery continues.

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