Friday, February 12, 2010


With a 55-41 victory at Nevada Friday evening, the Colo-Nesco boys’ team broke the school record for most wins during the regular season with 19 (19-2). The previous marks were held in 1988-89 and 1989-90, when both teams finished the regular season with 18-2 marks. (In case you’re referencing Royal Reign, I accidentally put some of the post-season wins into the regular season record in 1989). After leading by only two points after the first period and three points at half-time, the Royals used a solid third quarter to pull away from the Cubs (4-14). Travis Guy scored 7 of his 17 points during a 13-3 run to start the third quarter. The defense came alive as well, allowing only 16 second-half points to Nevada.

Three years ago, when I began researching and writing the initial pages of Royal Reign, I had no idea who Coach Wynja, Brandon Eley, Travis Guy, Michael Warren, Austin Larsen, Weston Neuendorf, Ethan Jamison, ANY of the players on the current boys Colo-Nesco basketball team were. They had no idea who I was. I was out to write a history book, mostly about teams from 20-plus years ago. In fact, the boys team was coming off an 11-12 season; the girls off a 17-7 year. The book was mostly about these current players parents! The fact that the 2010 Colo-Nesco boys have just written their own piece of history is really cool. Congrats to Coach Wynja, the student body, and all the players and fans. But before we get too excited, the Royal boys have only conquered one mountain. The bigger mountains, the more significant peaks, lie directly ahead (thus the picture of a basketball hoop among mountains). Starting on Thursday, the Royals begin the trek toward State Tournament Mountain, a place the boys’ program has not been for 20 years. It’s been a great season—a record breaking season; but hopefully the best is yet to come.

Leading Scorers: Eley (20); Guy (17); Neuendorf (8); Larsen (8); Warren (2).

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ROYALS!!! Best of luck in tournaments!!!