Friday, February 5, 2010

Secretaries of Defense

Maybe President Obama should add the Royal Guard to his military arsenal. After all, no one is defending like the Royals these days. Colo-Nesco held its second opponent of the season under 30 points Friday night with a 56-27 victory over Gilbert. The Royals improved to 18-2 and have now held 9 consecutive opponents under 50 points. Since their last defeat nearly a month ago, the Royals have held opponents to an average of 38.6 points per game.

The quick hands and feet, hustle, and shot-blocking ability of the Royals continue to give teams fits offensively. Gilbert’s only lead was 3-0, before Colo-Nesco went on an 8-0 run. The half-time score was 26-15, and the defense clamped down even tighter in the second, allowing just 12 second-half points to the frustrated Tigers. I’d like to give you an accurate box score, but the Royals' hands weren’t the only pesky hands in the building. I had my daughter along for this one, and her energy nearly matched that of the Royals, causing me to lose track of one of the scores. (Speaking of mistaken box scores, the six assists in the Jefferson-Scranton game should have been credited to Austin Larsen). Here’s what I got: Eley (25), Guy (10), Larsen (6), Neuendorf (5), Jamison (4), Warren (2), Angel (2), and Michael Warren had somewhere close to a million blocked shots. The Royals finish out the regular season next week with games against Meskwaki (Seriously, how did that get on the schedule? I could have some amazing creativity with that blog!) and Nevada.

And another note: Thanks to Shane George for helping me with my new Sports Caffeine logo! He’s the best.

Correction: According to the Ames Trib. this morning, Brandon Eley had 23 points, and Ethan Jamison had 8 points. Hopefully this is official!


  1. Andrew, I love reading your blog about the CN boys! Even though I was there it's still great to read your blogs about the games!

    And yes... Mike Warren had somewhere near a million blocked shots. Very accurate number ;]

  2. Scoring Update--According to the Ames Trib, Eley had 23 points, Ethan Jamison had 8, not 4.