Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

As I was reading/critiquing this weeks Nevada Journal article I wrote, entitled “Royals roll to 4-0,” I had a major déjà vu moment.

When I was looking at the stats Brandon Eley put up in the game against Meskwaki last week, I remembered writing about his dad, Dwight, in my Royal Reign book, and seeing similar stats in a game in his senior season.

Just how similar is almost eerie. In case you missed it, Brandon scored 31 points on 15-19 shooting last Tuesday against Meskwaki. He also nearly had a triple-double with 18 rebounds and 9 assists. The Royals put up 76 points against Meskwaki. Nearly 26 years ago to the date, his dad Dwight scored 31 points on 13-17 shooting in a 74-52 victory over Radcliffe. Oddly enough, Dwight’s teammate, Ed Vaske DID put up a triple double in that very same game with 17 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. That 1985 team started the season 12-0. Their first loss came at the hands of Northeast Hamilton, 63-52. Northeast Hamilton is currently rated in this year’s top ten in class 1a.

Weird stuff, huh?
Kinda makes me want to go see Fred Fredregill for some Mama’s Pizza and follow it up with a doughnut for dessert at the old Reece’s gas station for old times sake!

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