Monday, December 20, 2010

T.E.A.M. Effort Sparks Royal Boys To Win Over Nevada


It wasn't a perfect performance, but there were times during tonight's game against Nevada when you saw just how great this Royals team can be. Especially when players like Nathan Thompson, Bryan Angell, Anthony Lawson and Brandyn Niemeyer play as well as they did during key stretches of the ball game. All four players made important plays and baskets to help the Royals to a 10-point win at home against their Highway 30 rivals. Three of those four players came off the Colo-Nesco bench. Angell, Lawson and Niemeyer combined for 5 three-pointers; an aspect of the Royals' offense that has been sorely missing. The Royals improved to 8-1, with another game in Colo scheduled for Tuesday evening. It will be a special night for Brandon Eley, who will be honored for scoring his 1,000th career point. It's also Brandon's birthday, and he will be signing his letter to play college basketball at 3 pm.

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  1. It's great to see other's doing so well. There's more than 1 player on that C-N team!! Koo-do's "T-E-A-M" and all the other Royals!